2022 Flashlight Year-end Ceremony

by storesuperfire on Jan 09, 2023

2022 Flashlight Year-end Ceremony

The purpose of SUPERFIRE flashlight is to provide high-quality and durable flashlight at competitive price. Therefore, we not only won the love of many customer friends, but also have more flashlights to choose from in 2022. Choosing a suitable flashlight can be a difficult decision for SUPERFIRE fans. Whether you're looking for an edc  flashlight, the brightest flashlight, best edc flashlight, most functional flahslight or a screen flashlight, we've rounded up the best SUPERFIRE flashlights of 2022 here.

What is the best flashlight in 2022?
The best SUPERFIRE flashlights of 2022 are Y12, GT60, EM01, G19and M5 in their respective categories.

The coolest flashlight: SUPERFIRE Y12

Y12 is a bright strong flashlight. The design is simple and elegant, and it does not take up space for daily carrying. It is the perfect work partner. Night lighting, hunting, dog walking, and night maintenance are all the best choices. What's even more surprising is that it is also a pretty choice to be carried in riding electric skateboards at night. Activated with a quick on/off, SUPERFIRE Y12 can cycle through 5 different lighting modes with a side switch. This flashlight is suitable for Type-C charging, and it is also the best choice as a temporary power bank outside. Up to 10 hours of continuous use in Eco mode. You can always count on the Y12 to be ready when you need it.

Main feature:
Maximum Lumens – 6,000
Throw - 350 meters
Run time - 5-10 hours
Mode - 5
Size –60*35*273mm

superfire y12

Review of Y12:“I love this light for when I'm riding trails or when I am riding roads that are completely unlit, It's so bright and it will allow you to spot out potholes in the road as you're riding it's almost like riding in the daytime in Pitch Black when you turn this thing on.”

Brightest Flashlight: SUPERFIRE GT60

SUPERFIRE offers a wide range of super bright lights, but none can match the raw power of the GT60. This rechargeable flashlight projects an amazing 10,000 lumens at 200-500 meters. The size of the GT60 is very small for the lumens it can put out, at just 140mm high. This flashlight is the brightest SUPERFIRE flashlight of 2022, not only for its incredible lumen output, but also for its other user-friendly features.

The GT60 has 4 different lighting modes that you can cycle through. Whether in floodlight or spotlight, you can directly illuminate anything in front of or around you. With a runtime of 7 hours in low mode, the GT60 doesn't sacrifice power for usability. Equipped with a battery level indicator, you will always know the battery status of the light. The GT60 can be charged via the USB Type-C port when charging is needed. This amazing light also acts as a charging port for other devices charging.

Main Feature
Maximum Lumens – 10,000
Throw - 200-500 meters
Run Time - 7 Hours Low Mode
Mode - 5
Dimensions – 140*52*52mm

Review of GT60:“After using this product for long time ,,, I can say , Buy it now This is really bright and very solid like I can literally put under car nothing happen.It's super bright, perfect beam pattern, a great balance of throw and spill.”

Best EDC Flashlight: SUPERFIRE EM01

SUPERFIRE EM01 is considered the best EDC flashlight of 2022, because of its extremely small size and versatility. The design of this MINI light takes into account travelers. At only 5.4 inches 33g, the EM01 can be easily stored or carried in an emergency. This 800 lumen flashlight can be worked with three color lights. The white light in five modes and infinite mode can be used for daily tasks, and the red light mode can be used for SOS emergency. What's more, the emitted UV light can be used for professional fields such as catching scorpions, banknote verification, and inspection. EM01 is made of durable ultrasonic manufacturing technology, which is resistant to falling and pressure and is very durable. With an IP65 waterproof rating, it's a durable light that won't let you down - making it the best EDC flashlight for outdoor travel in 2022.

Main Feature
Maximum Lumens – 800
Throw - 100 meters
Run time - 2 hours
Modes – 6 plus two modes of operation
Size – 56*31*15mm

Review of EM01:"I never realized how much I would use a flashlight until I bought it and started carrying it. I use it countless times a day and this multi-source light is very useful. I love the versatility of the modes, plus It is type-c rechargeable on a daily basis. It is very convenient to use. The build quality and functionality of the lights are top notch and I am very happy with my purchase."

 Best All-Around Flashlight: SUPERFIRE G19

SUPERFIRE offers an amazing variety of flashlights, but few can compare to the G19. This high-performance flashlight has many amazing features that make it stand out.The G19 throws 200 lumens at 100 meters and is only 172mm long. The G19 can double as either a compact L-shaped work light or an angled work light, which gives all the versatility you need to handle any lighting task. With a built-in body clip, the G19 can be attached to pockets, backpacks or somewhere else for hands-free use. A rotatable bracket eliminates illumination dead-zones and magnetic base make G19 a perfect companion for your routine work and emergencies.The G19 rechargeable headlamp is a great multi-functional light that is not only a great right-angle detachable flashlight, but also a high-performance headlamp. With its incredible lumen output, compact size and reliability, it is a 2022 Best all-around flashlight of the year.

Main Feature
Maximum Lumens – 200
Throw - 100 meters
Run time - 2 hours
Mode - 5
Dimensions – 172*27*27mm

Review of G19

“These flashlights are awesome, I own multiple of this flashlight, and give them as gifts. Product description is dead on.Very good, help me very at work in places with poor lighting, and several ways because your accessories.Received OK. Fast shipping. Smart and fonctional product. Solid, simple, no useless gadget. I like.”

Best Display Flashlight M5

The M5 flashlight is loved by many flashlight enthusiasts because of its clean display screen, which can display information such as lumens, battery percentage, and battery life. For flashlight collectors, a M5 with 36W high power and 3000LM can not to be missed. Five modes of daily using lights. With large and small USB charging ports can be used for both charging and discharging. For more details, please watch the video:


SUPERFIRE offers so many incredible flashlights that it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your personal needs. Each of these flashlights, the Y12, GT60, EM01, G19, and M5 are the best. You won't be upset with SUPERFIRE flashlights, so find the one that's right for you!

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