Best natural guide to repellent mosquito with a flashlight

by storesuperfire on Oct 18, 2022

Best natural guide to repellent mosquito with a flashlight

Whether indoors or camping out,it is inevitable to be attacked by mosquitoes at night. Mosquito coils and electric mosquito liquid are the first choice for most people, but health is also the first consideration for families with babies. So how to expel mosquitoes from the room scientifically, quickly and healthily, and ensure a good rest? An ordinary small flashlight indeed do it for you!

Tool:  Household Flashlight
Solution: Mosquito Phototaxis

1. Find out the household flashlight that needs a certain amount of power.
2. Turn off all light sources in the house where mosquitoes need to be repelled.
3. Turn on the flashlight and place it outside the door. Flashlight beams can shine into the house. Let it sit for a while (more than 10 minutes is recommended).
4. Mosquitoes fly from a room without light to around the flashlight outside the door because of phototaxis. After a while, the vast majority of mosquitoes leave the house. At this time, turn off the flashlight, close the door, and you can sleep in peace.

After the personal practice of friends, this method is extremely effective, and there is basically no mosquito bites when getting up in the morning. The advantages of this mosquito repellent are as follows:
1. No additional cost is required. No need to buy items such as mosquito coils. 10 minutes of flashlight power consumption is basically negligible.
2. Natural and safe. Flashlights do not burn and emit no extra gas. Compared with mosquito coils, it is green and safe. There are 4 kinds of substances harmful to the human body in the smoke of mosquito coils, so be careful to use them.
3. High effectiveness. Flashlights are generally not damaged, given enough time to repel most mosquitoes. Mosquito coils may go out.
4. Save lives. Flashlights don't kill mosquitoes, but mosquito coils do. Although mosquitoes are hateful, human beings have no right to take their lives at will. All creatures in nature have the right to live, and they are all part of nature.

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