Portable Flashlight or Phone Flashlight

by storesuperfire on Aug 26, 2022

Portable Flashlight or Phone Flashlight

Flashlight seems to have retired from the stage of history? Can a mobile phone with a flashlight really meet the illuminating needs of life?

1.What is the effect of frequently using phone flashlight? Although the LED flash of mobile phone has a long life, the aging phenomenon of LED flash will be darker and darker when used for a long time.
In addition, some mobile phone power settings are relatively large, in order to ensure the brightness. If it is turned on for a long time, it will cause great loss to the battery, shorten the battery life, and the mobile phone will overheat. That may cause the screen to have dead pixels, or even burn the motherboard. The phone flashlight is far from meeting our needs, thus, a flashlight is still necessary whether in daily life or outdoor traveling.

2.The lighting area and luminous flux of the mobile phone flashlight are limited. Generally, the lumen value of the mobile phone flashlight is mostly around 30-50lm. In an open outdoor venue, the weak light and range of the mobile phone flashlight cannot meet the lighting needs at all. A strong flashlight is still needed to illuminate the environment on mountain roads, night road, or camp when faced with situations that require long-term lighting.

3.When traveling outdoors, sometimes items are accidentally dropped or dropped into the water. If you use a mobile phone flashlight to illuminate, not only is it difficult to move, but you may also lose your mobile phone when you get rid of it. Therefore, professional outdoor flashlights with excellent quality, anti-fall and high waterproof level are needed to avoid the inconvenience caused by the temporary strike of the flashlight.

4.Flashlights are always available at home to deal with power outages easily. According to statistics: The multi-function flashlight ranks first in the survival rescue tool in the list of household emergency supplies storage recommendations issued by the government.The phone flashlight has insufficient luminous flux, and it consumes a lot of power then easily generates heat.You can turn on the flashlight calmly in the event of a power outage to continue your life if you own a bright flashlight at home.

5. An EDC flashlight can bring light anytime, anywhere. It is not only emergency protection, but also a source of security. Once night falls, having a bright light is the guarantee of safety and the support for moving forward.

The original intention of the phone flashlight is for emergency lighting.The battery will be damaged if use the phone flashlight frequently. That leads to the lighting intensity of the phone flashlight in the later stage, which will affect the normal use of the mobile phone. In order to protect the phone, it is recommended to carry a flashlight with you~


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