Superfire G20 Review-Multifunctional Flashlight You Need

by storesuperfire on Nov 10, 2022

Superfire G20 Review-Multifunctional Flashlight You Need


Body Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium
Front Emitter: XP-G2 (Cool White)
Side Emitter: Nichia (Neutral White, High CRI)
Other emitters: Red Laser diode
Front Lens: Plastic
Side Lens: PMMA Convex
Battery: Built-in 3.7V 18650 2000mAh
Upper Switch: Electronic Switch (for red)
Lower Switch: Electronic Switch (for the front and side LEDs)
Low Voltage Warning: Yes (through LED indicators)
Max runtime: 6 hours
Max beam distance: 120 m
Max output: 500 lumens
Candela: NA
Waterproofness: IP44
Impact resistance: NA

Package contains:

Besides the Superfire G20, there was a USB-C cable and a small SF card.(old logo is in the picture, new products with new logo "SUPERFIRE" on be sent). Nothing more, nothing less! Everything was OK affter inspecting the flashlight, so I was relieved that the flashlight was OK!

Before purchasing, I searched for some reviews online and I found 2 or 3 videos showing how it worked. These videos caught my attention, especially because:
a) I didn’t see any PWM, which for me was the “go for it” indication, because I guess most of us mock and have (funded) mistrust against some “Fire brands”; so, seeing an example of non PWM lights among these is a good thing (at least this was my thought);

b) it has ramping UI(no not like Anduril or Narsil, but better than those “stepless dimming” UIs).

Besides that, the fact that the G20 has a red laser that I can use to play with my aunt’s cats, was the cherry in the top of the cake  It is more powerful than those keychain lasers using LR44 button cells, and can be used longer times (until the cats get tired  ).

Overall, the G20 is a multifunction flashlight, once it has:
- Front cool white led, under a SMO reflector
- Side high CRI Led, under a convex optic
- Red laser pointer
- Powerbank function
- Magnetic tailcap
- Hook in the tail
- Powerful pocket clip 

Let’s take a look at the light!

Top and bottom photos. These are the plastic parts, which I consider to be more fragile if the flashlight falls, despite this is hard plastic. It felt to the ground from around 1m and did few damage, nothing broke, but bruised.Some details on the top and on the tail (hook) and side. I didn’t dismantle the tailcap and the side led…yet Silly As for the head, I am not sure if I will take that risk.

As for the charger and powerbank function, the USB-C charging/ USB discharging ports are located in one of the thinner sides of the flashlight, covered by a silicone cover.When charging, the indicator led corresponding to the charging level will blink. I didn’t discharge it yet to see if they turn red, so, so far, I only saw then in green!Also, I didn’t make a full charge to see how it acts when the charging is finished. There is no way to measure the battery voltage/charge, so the led indicators are the way to verify it.

When discharging, while used as powerbank , the side leds will be ON, as well.The powerbank function allowed charging both a flashlight (with built-in charger) and a battery (via the Olight UC charger). I also experimented it on the cellphone and it was charging too.
Sorry, no values for current IN or OUT And now, let’s check the weight and dimensions

As for the Magnet, Hook and Pocket clip, they allow using and carrying the flashlight in different ways.
The magnet is better when using the side LED towards the top or the sides, as mentioned above, or with the flashlight upside-down.

The hook is good to use the flashlight…hanging! That’s its function so it will work for that. The hook can be pulled easily but it doesn’t come out of its place accidentally, which is good.

As for the pocket clip, it is probably one of the strongest clip in a flashlight I ever had/seen. It allows carrying the flashlight inside or outside the pocket and provides good, if not excellent, retention.


Taking a look a the beams produced by the Supfire G20, we will have a floody beam produced by the side LED, and a narrower beam, with hotspot, produced by the front LED.

Front led: Min & MaxSide led: Min & Max

Front led: Min & Max
Side led: Min & MaxLaser

I decided not to do min and max beamshots, because the minimum levels are not visible in the photos, only in front of the camera.

Also, I am not putting the red laser photos here as they are harder to see. The laser reaches 30-40m well, but after that, it is harder to track, even in the dark. It is not one of those powerful lasers, so it cannot be captured as well as my green one SillyOVERALL APPRECIATION
Time for the overall appreciation and it is quite positive, I can say. Some of the less good aspects where mentioned above but I will focus them below as well.
What I liked?
- budget flashlight
- multifunctionality: 2 leds, 1 laser, magnetic tailcap, hook, powerbank function
- USB-C rechargeability
- high CRI floody side light
- ramping UI on both leds, without needing to reach the top/bottom to reverse the direction
- no PWM

Finallly, thanks for the review of Superfire G20, and this blog is taken from

Get yours G20 here, and see more budget and good flashlights in



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