How to choose a flashlight for outdoor activities?

by storesuperfire on Sep 06, 2022

How to choose a flashlight for outdoor activities?

Flashlight is a must for night outdoor activities, then question arises: how to choose a outdoor torch? Should I choose a regular flashlight or a tactical flashlight?

1.Using environment

Hiking: Generally, headlights are mostly used in night hiking, or a light flashlight is required, but the battery life needs to be strong.
Camping: Camping lights with good reflectivity and strong battery life should be considered, preferably for more than one night. In addition, a flashlight is also necessary, with lumens of about 200-1000 lumens, supporting spotlight and floodlight.


Cycling: Headlights are mostly used for night riding, and some countries that have mandatory regulations for night riding use front bicycle lights and rear lights. Compared with weight, battery life is more important. After all, it is installed on the bicycle and supports spotlight and floodlight.


Fishing: Bright fishing flashlights should have different light sources. Blue light is used to see fish floats, yellow light is used to identify fish species, and white light is used to lure fish. There are also certain requirements for range and endurance.
Diving: Water resistance and brightness are the most important, and the battery life is generally about 10 hours.


Flashlights are divided into 4 categories according to brightness: low-medium-high-super bright.

Low brightness bright flashlight
Brightness:50-200 lumens
Features: small size with good brightness, affordable price, generally can illuminate within 4-5 meters
Applicable scene: Daily home lighting

Medium Brightness Flashlight
Brightness: 200-1000 lumens
Features: Small-sized and easy to carry around, illuminate items within 50 meters
Applicable scene: Outdoor using, camping at night

High Brightness Flashlight
Brightness: 1000-1800 lumens
Features: Moderate size with great brightness, strong versatility and portable.
Applicable scene: Belongs to the category of tactical flashlights, used for exploration, outdoor operations

Super bright flashlight
Brightness: Above 1800 lumens
Features: Small size, high output power, high brightness, strong practicability
It has been prefered mostly in professional fields or some people who pursue the ultimate brightness.High output power and high brightness. It belongs to the category of tactical flashlights, mainly used for exploration and outdoor operations.

3.Battery life

The battery life of the flashlight is inversely proportional to the brightness. Generally, you don't need to choose a flashlight refer to the battery life of the highest brightness, but to consider the usage time of the scene you are most likely to use. For example, 500 lumens is generally enough for camping lighting. and you can refer to how long does the flashlight last at this brightness.Excessive pursuit of high-brightness usage time will result in more expensive and a heavier torch.

4. Power supply
First of all, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is a non-rechargeable or a rechargeable flashlight. The first choice for outdoor camping is a flashlight with a charging function. Non-rechargeable torch: replace with AA or AAA batteries
Rechargeable flashlights generally use lithium-ion batteries: 14500, 18650, 21700, 26650, which are easy to use and light in weight.
Whether it is a non-rechargeable or rechargeable flashlight, the power of the battery is proportional to the time it is used, and it is better to consider a battery with a large power.

 5.Waterproof level

Ordinary outdoor camping flashlights should consider waterproof and dustproof performance. The protection grade adopts the IP×× grade standard recommended by (IEC). For details, please refer to the following description. In the grade standard, "XX" is a two-digit number, the first digit indicates the degree of protection against solids, and the second digit indicates the level of protection against liquids. The solid protection level has 7 levels, which are represented by 0-6 respectively; the liquid protection level has 9 levels, which are represented by 0-8 respectively.

Dust rating
0 : No protection
1: Prevent the intrusion of big solids
2: Prevents the intrusion of medium-sized solids
3: Prevent small solids from entering
4: Prevent objects larger than 1mm from entering
5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation
6: Completely prevent dust from entering
Waterproof level
0 : No protection
1: Water droplets dripping into the case has no effect
2: Water droplets dripping into the casing has no effect when the casing is tilted to 15 degrees
3: No effect of water or rain from 60 corners to the shell
4: The liquid splashed on the shell from any direction has no damage effect
5: Rinse with water without any harm
6: Can be used in the cabin
7: It can withstand water immersion in a short time (1m)
8: Soak in water for a long time under certain pressure
For example, the IP67 protection level is completely prevent dust from entering, and can withstand water immersion (1m) in a short time. The waterproof IP of SUPERFIRE flashlight meets most of your outdoor camping normal use.

6. Circuit
The circuit of the flashlight is generally divided into direct drive circuit, current limiting circuit, constant current circuit and pseudo constant current circuit (staged discharge), and the current mainstream is still the current limiting flashlight.

Direct drive circuit: The current is not controlled. The power will be supplied to the LED depends on the sufficient power and high voltage. Such a circuit generally makes the flashlight look bright at the beginning, but after a period of time, the lamp body will become hot due to the imbalance of heat and heat dissipation.

Constant current circuit: The flashlight of the constant current circuit will be stably maintained within a brightness range. Take an 800LM flashlight as an example, if it is a constant current circuit, its brightness will be stable at about 800 lumens with a small error. This kind of flashlight has good heat dissipation, and the price is also relatively expensive.

7. Other functions
SOS: After the flashlight is turned on, the international SOS distress signal can be played with a flash.
Self-defense function: including flash mode, stun mode, only available in general tactical flashlights, less used in non-wilderness living environments, but also useful in times of crisis. Prevent problems before they happen.

After reading the above, believe you have a certain understanding of choosing a flashlight for outdoor use. More affordable and high performance outdoor flashlights, headlights, camping lights here


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