How to choose the best headlights?

by storesuperfire on Sep 24, 2022

How to choose the best headlights?

Compare with flashlights, Why are headlights always the first choice for outdoor work such as running, cycling, fishing and camping at night? The reason is very simple, spare your hands to use tools, or use your hands to support your body in an emergency, climbing and exploring, etc. Then how to choose the best headlamp that suits you best?

best headlamp

Headlight brightness

The higher the number of lumens, the higher the brightness power of the headlight, the better the visibility. It is recommended to use between 100 lumens and 500 lumens, if your first headlight is for night running games and outdoor hiking. It is recommended to use a headlight of 500 lumens or more, if it is used for caving, deep into the dangerous environment of complete darkness. 400 lumens - Headlights up to 800 lumens can be a good choice if the weather is bad and there is heavy fog at night. However, 50 to 100 lumens can be used for camping or night fishing. Because camping only needs to illuminate a very small area in front of you, consider that too bright light can damage other people's eyes when you are chatting and cooking with friends. Especially bright spotlights should also be avoided for night fishing, as the fish will be scare away.

Headlight battery life

The battery life is mainly related to the battery capacity used in the headlight. It is usually divided into two types: replaceable and non-replaceable, and there are also dual power supplies. The non-replaceable power source is generally a lithium battery rechargeable headlight. Because the shape and structure of the battery are compact, the volume is relatively small and the weight is light. Rechargeable headlights perfectly makes up for the problem of not finding batteries outside.

Headlight range

The range of the headlight is commonly known as how far it can shine, that is, the light intensity, and its unit is candela (cd).
200cd has a range of about 28 meters, 1000cd has a range of 63 meters, and 4000cd has a range of 126 meters.
200 to 1000 candela is enough for ordinary outdoor activities, while 1000 to 3000 candela is required for long-distance hiking and cross-country races, and 4000 candela products can be considered for cycling. For high-altitude mountaineering, caving and other activities, products of 3,000 to 10,000 candela can be considered. For special activities such as military police, searching,rescuing, and large-scale team traveling, the high-intensity headlights of more than 10,000 candela can be considered.

Headlight color temperature

The color temperature used for headlights is mainly concentrated in 4000-8000K, which is a more comfortable range visually. The warm white of the spotlight is generally around 4000-5500K, while the bright white of the floodlight is around 5800-8000K.

Headlight weight
The lighter the better. When you go out to carry, choosing a foldable headlight is the best choice.

1. Resistant to falling. We cannot avoid bumping the headlights during using and transportation.They may be deformed and cracked after being dropped a few times when the headlight case is too thin. And if the circuit board is not welded firmly, it may be directly powered off after several times of using. Therefore, purchasing official products has more quality assurance.
2. Low temperature resistance. The nighttime temperature is often much lower than the daytime temperature, and laboratory tests are difficult to simulate extreme low temperature conditions, so some headlights will not work well in extremely cold environments (about -10°C). The root of this problem is mainly the battery. Under the same conditions, keeping the battery warm will effectively prolong the use time of the headlight. It is necessary to bring extra batteries,if the ambient temperature is expected to be very low.
3. Waterproof and dust resistance. It is easy to mold, if the circuit board is stored in a humid environment for a long time. If the battery is not removed from the headlight in time, the battery leakage will also corrode the circuit board. This requires to carefully maintain the headlight after we use it everytime, take out the battery in time, and dry the wetted components as soon as possible.
4. Waterproof and dustproof.Pls pay attention to an IPXX number. For detailed instructions, see here

Structure and design
A simple headband structure tied to the forehead: Of course, it has little impact on life such as camping. When used for large-action sports such as trail running, it will sway from side to side if it is too loose if the headband is of poor quality.It also cause headaches if it is too tight.
Headband configuration that covers both the top of the head and the forehead: Perhaps a good solution for workers in certain environments. And you can also choose the headlight and battery separation design to balance the weight of the head.

The difference between the headlights is only due to the different personal requirements of each person. Come and choose a best headlight that suits you according to your needs~



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