SUPERFIRE X60-T: Mini Compact Tactical Flashlight Redefining Power and Precision

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SUPERFIRE X60-T: Mini Compact Tactical Flashlight Redefining Power and Precision


Introducing the game-changing SUPERFIRE X60-T, a tactical flashlight that packs colossal power and precision into a mini compact design. Unveiling a world of versatility and performance, this extraordinary flashlight is armed with an array of innovative features that make it the ultimate companion for professionals and enthusiasts. From its astounding 2300 lumens to its telescopic zoom capabilities, the SUPERFIRE X60-T is a testament to cutting-edge engineering.

  1. Mini Compact Brilliance: Power in Your Palm

In the palm of your hand lies an illuminating marvel – the SUPERFIRE X60-T. Despite its mini compact size, this tactical flashlight produces an astonishing 2300 lumens of brightness. Its pocket-sized stature doesn't compromise on performance; instead, it redefines the capabilities of a portable flashlight.

  1. USB Interface Charging: Effortless Power Renewal

Gone are the days of constantly seeking replacement batteries. The SUPERFIRE X60-T features USB interface charging, allowing you to conveniently recharge it using various devices. This ensures your flashlight is always ready for action, whether you're out in the field or exploring the great outdoors.

  1. Zoomable Brilliance: Near and Far Illumination

The SUPERFIRE X60-T's telescopic zoom capability unleashes unparalleled adaptability. Seamlessly transition between focused spotlighting for distant targets and expansive floodlighting for broader coverage. This versatility ensures you're equipped to tackle any scenario, from intricate tasks to wide area searches.

  1. Portable Clip Design: Ready to Go

Equipped with a portable clip design, the SUPERFIRE X60-T is your reliable on-the-go companion. Attach it to your belt, bag, or clothing with ease, ensuring it's always within reach. Its secure grip keeps it in place even during rigorous activities, making it ideal for professionals who demand swift access to reliable illumination.

  1. Easily Detachable: Swift Transformation

The detachable design of the SUPERFIRE X60-T allows for quick transformation. Whether you need a handheld flashlight or prefer hands-free illumination, this flashlight adapts to your needs. Its user-friendly interface ensures you can switch between modes effortlessly, enhancing your tactical advantage.

  1. Long-Lasting Power: 26650 Battery Endurance

Powerful performance requires a robust energy source. The SUPERFIRE X60-T is powered by a high-capacity 26650 battery, providing extended usage even at the highest output settings. This endurance ensures your flashlight remains a steadfast partner in your endeavors.


The SUPERFIRE X60-T sets a new standard in tactical flashlight technology, seamlessly merging mini compact design with immense power and precision. With its astounding 2300 lumens, telescopic zoom capabilities, and versatile detachable design, this flashlight empowers you with a tool that adapts to your needs. Whether you're a professional seeking dependable illumination or an enthusiast exploring the world, the SUPERFIRE X60-T is your gateway to a realm of possibilities. Illuminate your path with confidence and precision, and experience the future of tactical lighting with the SUPERFIRE X60-T.

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